ShotcreteShotcreting is the process of applying wet pre mixed concrete via a high pressure hydraulic concrete pump through a line where high pressure air is injected at the nozzle to increase the velocity of the concrete exiting the gun. This sprayed concrete can be projected at an adjustable velocity onto a myriad of different surfaces. Although shotcrete is typically sprayed onto either conventional reinforcing bars or mesh, it can also incorporate steel or synthetic fibers as part of the concrete mix.

Shotcrete has a variety of applications and is utilised routinely within the ground engineering sector. PCA Ground Engineering has experience in using sculptured, coloured, reinforced shotcrete in conjunction with other stabilisation methods in numerous projects such as mines, road & rail infrastructure, retaining walls and for a variety of slope stabilisation & rockfall protection projects.

Shotcrete Applications

  • Retaining/shoring walls
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Road and rail embankments
  • Mine box cuts, portals and high walls
  • Mine & tunnel underground roof support
  • Dam spillways
  • Detention tanks
  • Sea walls
  • In ground drain channels and culverts
  • Simulated rock and block finishes/mock rock
  • Ground engineering

PCA Ground Engineering can be engaged as the subcontractor or principal contractor where we routinely manage the complete earthworks, drilling and shotcreting packages on projects, ensuring optimal program and budgetary goals are achieved.


Shotcrete Retaining Wall for Transgrid Snowy Mountains NSW


Mock Rock and shotcrete Terry Hills NSW for Northern Beaches Council


Shotcreteing the The Burnett Highway TMR Rockhampton


Mesh placement in preparation for shotcrete works on the Gordonbrook Dam spillway