Milton BackflowPCA Ground Engineering . has a well credentialed design team, recently being awarded a high commendation from Engineers Australia. Our engineering team is well supported by the latest design software such as slope/W, Plaxis and L pile to mention a few. PCA regularly undertake in house training seminars and workshops to share this knowledge with industry as well as maintaining the ability to independently design and certify if required. The real value of PCA’s engineering team is the ability to connect a projects design requirement to an efficient and low risk construction process. This is further supported by PCA’s construction capability which utilizes a myriad of specialist piling, grouting and ground improvement methods. These procedures are all specialist geotechnical construction methods supported by ongoing research, development and worlds best practice.

Design methods are linked to fundamental engineering and geotechnical theory providing PCA the ability to design solutions specific to each loading condition, subsurface condition, and project objective. Accepted safety factors are used, and designs are verified by quality control systems and verification testing utilising electronic data loggers and load cells. PCA believe that the single most accurate way to ensure that computer modeling, design and installation have converged successfully is through pile testing per the new Australian standard AS2159-2009. This enables PCA to assure the performance of our work and the clients “peace of mind”.

PCA design & build projects are all undertaken with a full team of licensed professional engineers, consultants, owners and contractors. Utilising PCA’s team that specialises in various geotechnical construction methods can dramatically reduce risk and costs.

Pile Design & Certification

PCA welcomes the opportunity to assist you in developing and certifying your piling project,  alternatively PCA can work with you to refine an existing design. All PCA designs are third party certified, we work on the principal of “two heads are better than one” as an example PCA have commissioned engineering experts internationally ensuring that through collaboration PCA remains at the for front of engineering best practice and expertise.